Dotty and Drop gets along pretty well

lecterrorog wondered:it's 3am and i read your "gift" tag as "gif" and spent 3 minutes staring at the image waiting for it to move. anyway.


//tempted to make a new character just for fun

beep beep, cutie comin through


hello this is for u komorebitown _(8D/L)_

Anonymous wondered:Ok so today, my siblings and their friends went to the movies to see Anabelle. I stayed home. (I hate scary movies)

i heard it wasnt that scary tho. lil tip: scary movies arnt as scary if you make fun of every little thing in the movie and add lots of dumb commentary wink

Anonymous wondered:i love u

im sorry i laughed too hard at this. haha love you too “anon”


Anonymous wondered:can tear cosplay as yutaka takenouchi, the strongest of the first years?

are you talking about this dude

pls be talking about this dude cuz i love him