please dont

Anonymous wondered:what if drop got a girlfriend

Anonymous wondered:Tear getting ready for fall

way cooler than me


komorebitown is so kakkoiii 

story time

this morning I was late because i somehow convinced my sleepy self to turn off all my other alarms (after my first alarm went off) because if I didn’t the bananas will take over the world and I didn’t want that. I remember thinking to myself ‘no the bananas’ while I turn off my other 3 alarms. strenge.


its banana cake with cream cheese frosting huehue

Anonymous wondered:Tbh you're probably the nicest person ever. Like unlike other blogs, you acknowledge that your followers exist, and actually draw things that are requested. You're super rad o: B)

ahh you really think so?? aw shucks. i really do love all my followers and i hope all of you have a rad day winkwink

Anonymous wondered:where are you i miss you come back i love you

sorry sorry i havent been much in the mood of blogging/drawing lately lmao. i have this thing where i like to answer asks in order just cuz i can get to everyone. so if i dont have time to answer the first ask i dont answer any loll. sorry bout that tho love ya too